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This class will be a webinar covering the basics of what you need to know about traveling from a photographer’s point of view. You’ll learn what to keep in mind before you travel, such as what to bring and space savin…

I made a trip to the health food store today and picked up one of our favorite snacks. We can throw this in any bag or take it when we travel. Ostrich jerky, great flavor, low fat and sodium, and portable.

April was our second wedding anniversary, so I surprised my love with a trip to Oklahoma City to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I was first introduced to Chihuly’s glass blowing in the Bahamas, but my love has been a fan for years, so she was ecstatic when […]

We ended our trip to Scarborough Fair with the birds of prey. See my previous posts for the human chess match, some nice belly dancers, a parade, and the joust. They started the demonstration with the hawks, falcons and buzzards. But the prize of the show was the bald eagle.

When we last visitied we enjoyed a nice game of chess. We have also enjoyed the belly dancers, and the parade. And now, for the main event, let me introduce our heros! As you know, no battle is complete without the villians! Let the joust begin.

Today we continue our tour through Scarborough Fair with the human chess match. This was great fun since all of the participants really get into the festivities. See parts 1 and 2 here. Tune in tomorrow for the joust….

Yesterday I started posting some of my photos from Scarborough Fair with the belly dancers. Today we see more of them with some pictures of the parade. Along with the jester. The costumes were great at the fair, and everyone gets into the theme of the day. Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat […]

As you all remember my love and I went to Scarborough Fair the beginning of May. Well, I have finally gotten around to editing all of the pictures we took, and I will start posting some. I had taken that outing as an opportunity to start shooting in RAW mode, and that left me with […]

Here we have another batch of photos from the Red Earth Festival over the weekend. This first one is another from the Junior Women’s Fancy Shawl competition. The next photos are all from the Junior Men’s Fancy competition. We took a lot of the dance competitions and will be posting some more over the next […]

Saturday my love and I drove up to Oklahoma City for the Red Earth Festival where I was able to give the 40D a good workout. I took about 400 pictures of the dance competitions and the Grand Entry. I have briefly gone through some of the shots and was able to come up with […]

Today we have a few more pictures from Rome. The first one is of The Baldicchino located in Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano. This next photo is of the original doors to the Senate House in the Roman Forum.

Ok, new toys I have and want aside. Now back to the pictures. Today’s shot comes from a trip several years ago. Shortly after I got my camera, we went to Chicago, my home town, for Thanksgiving week. It was my love’s first trip to the Windy City, and it was cold. She got to […]

This week am am participating in another photo challenge over at dPS. This challenge is The Five Senses. My entry will be posted later today. For now, we have a few more photos from our trip to New York. This first one was taken from Top of the Rock. This next shot is classic New […]

So today we have a little bit of a nostalgic look. This was taken on our New York adventure. We hit Grand Central Terminal one night and I took this. With a little adjustment in Photoshop we have one of my favorite shots from the trip.

Here we go with a couple more shots from our New York trip. This first one was taken as we made the long chilly walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. That afternoon was about 33 degrees and windy but the sky was clear and the air crisp. This second photo come to […]

So last year my love and I went to New York City around Christmas, an amazing time to be there. This was her first trip to the city, and my first for Christmas since I was a small child. We spent about a week and did all of the mandatory holiday things plus some of […]

Today we have a few more pictures from our Philadelphia trip last year. This first one was taken outside of City Hall. This picture was shot our first day at a museum and garden in Deleware.

This morning’s images come to you from the Bahamas. We took a trip in Feb 2005 for my cousin’s 80th birthday. It was done as a family reunion of sorts and I took advantage of the setting to propose to the love of my life. Obviously she said yes. This first photo is of the […]

Here we have another shot from our trip to Chicago to see King Tut. This is Buckingham Fountain. Many of you might recognize it from the opening credits for Married… With Children, or the starting line for The Amazing Race 6. What you might not know is the fountain was the official starting point for […]

Today we have one of my luckiest pictures from our trip to Philadelphia last year. We had gone down to Penn’s Landing to see the boats and the waterfront and to enjoy some relaxation after a long day of sightseeing. I was enjoying a CAO Sporanos cigar and walking along the docks as the sun […]

So, for our first anniversary trip we went to San Antonio, TX. The first day we were there we had amazing weather, sunny and in the mid 70s. We spent that afternoon touring 4 of the 5 Spanish Missions along Mission Trail. The last one of the day was Mission San Juan Capistrano built in […]