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Tonight was my Strobist class at the studio. I had a pretty good turnout with 14 people. Everyone enjoyed the presentatin and went away with a lot of new ideas and knowledge. On the way home though, it was tail lights as far as the eye could see.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  I spent a good part of the day prepping my presentation for tomorrow nights class on Strobist Photography and the Basics of Off Camera Flash. The presentation is almost ready, and I have been gathering some of my gear.

I have spent the afternoon in Arlington, TX learning about strobist lighting setups. For anyone not familiar with strobist, check out strobist.com for some great information. We are also hearing a lecture about becoming a professional wedding photographer and all of the pitfalls and gotchas. Big points to register with ppa.com and/or wppiexpo.com for insurance […]