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We bought this set several years ago and finally put it on display last year. I have been looking at it and thinking I should take some pictures of it one of these days, so here you go. Don’t miss my gallery for pictures from yesterday’s photo-walk downtown and my first HDR photo.

Yesterday Scott Kelby announced his 3rd annual worldwide photo walk for July 24th, 2010. For anyone who has not participated, you are missing out. The first walk was 236 locations and 8,234 people. Last year they had more than 900 locations and over 32,000 people walking. There are some amazing prizes and the walks themselves […]

In the spirit of the week and the release of Alice in Wonderland, we have Mr Toad. We think his owners are on a “wild ride” of some type. More to come from the experience that they are.

I thought a little teaser was fitting given the day. Today is Memorial Day, when we honor those that have given their last full measure in the service of their country. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy the stars and stripes. Tomorrow we start a new adventure. I will be doing as this blog […]

Continuing my how to series, we have The Rule of Thirds. I was thinking about this the other day, and how when I first started taking photos everyone was speaking about the rules of thirds, and I had really no idea what they were talking about so I’d though I share my interpretation on this […]

Today we have a few more pictures from Rome. The first one is of The Baldicchino located in Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano. This next photo is of the original doors to the Senate House in the Roman Forum.

I have been trying to decide if I wanted to sign up for this for some time, and tonight I finally did. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of people, and do not often get the chance. My love encourages me to pursue my passions, and sometimes the timing of an opportunity like this works […]

Today we have a photo from our day at The State Fair of Texas last year. We spent the day under the hot Texas sun and saw the annual butter sculpture, the quilt exhibit (for my love), the classic cars (for me), and so many other things. We capped off the night on the Midway […]

Here we have my entry for Assignment: The Five Senses @ dPS and the description I posted. The assignment was to shoot a photo that represented at least one , if not more than one of the five senses. Here we have all five senses. We have the sound of the cutter snipping the cigar, […]

This week am am participating in another photo challenge over at dPS. This challenge is The Five Senses. My entry will be posted later today. For now, we have a few more photos from our trip to New York. This first one was taken from Top of the Rock. This next shot is classic New […]

Here we go with a couple more shots from our New York trip. This first one was taken as we made the long chilly walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. That afternoon was about 33 degrees and windy but the sky was clear and the air crisp. This second photo come to […]

This morning’s images come to you from the Bahamas. We took a trip in Feb 2005 for my cousin’s 80th birthday. It was done as a family reunion of sorts and I took advantage of the setting to propose to the love of my life. Obviously she said yes. This first photo is of the […]

And here it is. I use the Canon Digital Rebel XT currently. I have been using this since 2004, and have had no problems with it save for the limited size of the body. the quality is amazing for the durability of the camera and the pictures you can take with it. I am considering […]

So we are off to a slow start. I have signed up for a photo workshop sponsored by Tamron for next month. The workshop will be taught by Don Gale in Austin, TX at The Bastrop Project.

With this being my first post, a brief into…. This will be my little home away from the normal world where I share some of my photography. Over the next couple of posts I will share some of my older work and some of my gear.I am starting to do some photo projects and will […]