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Macro photography lets you explore new worlds, and create exciting photos as you do so. You can zero-in on a small portion of a large subject to create an interesting abstract image, or fill the frame with a tiny subject.

I spent some time today testing out my DIY lightbox for my upcoming product photography workshop.

One more macro today. My mom gave my love an African Violet about 2 years ago, and it was flowering at the time. Normally, we have bad luck getting them to flurish, much less reflower. Well, the plant has had to be repotted a few times because it kept outgrowing its container, and it has […]

Today we have some more shots from the Crystal Bridge. After our trip to Philadelphia last year, I decided I needed a good macro lens. Well, I bought a Tamron 90mm Macro late last year and finally got a chance to give it a good workout while we were in OKC. Among all of these […]

Today we have another visitor. It was about a week after our neighbor’s cat stopped by for a visit, and I was just coming home and I found this guy on the garage door frame. He stayed long enough for me to get out my macro lens and camera after unloading my car from the […]

Today we cover prime lenses, a visit back in time a more basic approach to photography. Below is reprinted from dPS. Should I buy a Prime Lens? In an age when zoom lenses are all the range – I’ve been surprised to be getting more and more questions about prime lenses of late. Perhaps there’s […]

Today we continue the series on purchasing digital cameras and shoosing what you need with an introduction to lenses for you DSLR. Below is a reprint from dPS. When I first started writing about digital cameras the main question i was asked by readers was ‘Which Camera should I buy?‘ Usually they were in the […]