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This class will be a webinar to walk through at a high level the photography workflow process from extracting photos off your media card to the final finished product.

HDR is a post-processing technique that allows you to combine differently exposed photos of the same subject matter into one in order to achieve more intensity in your photos. HDR will give you a wider range of darks and lights in your photos, amazing detail, and more vivid colors.

This is a great opportunity to see how easy editing is in Lightroom as opposed to other editing software.

As a photographer in the digital age you are probably inundated with photos and need a good way to organize and catalog those photos. We have a few options, and two of the biggest are Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (www.adobe.com) and Apple Aperture (www.apple.com).

So, it looks like the workshop in Austin for this weekend is overbooked and I won’t be going. there are a few more this year that I am looking into, but no plans yet. We did get to Scarborough Fair this weekend and got some great pictures. I will post some up soon. I finally […]