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This class will cover tips on focus and exposure; IR filters; and having a camera converted to shoot specifically in Infrared.

Several weeks ago I talked about my latest toy. Well yesterday I came home to a box behind my door with the upgraded camera so I thought I would post some background in Infrared photography. I just love getting comments and questions on my posts because so often they lead to new posts.  Trust me […]

So, last week I sent my camera off to LifePixel to have it converted to infrared. I just received this email… The following camera/s have been received for order: xxxxxxxxxx-xxx Canon SLR infrared conversion serviceCamera model: DRebel XT (350D)Calibration Type: Standard (to 50mm 1.8 lens)Select IR filter: Standard IRSerial Number: xxxxxxxxxx Your camera/s should be […]

So, as I had mentioned there were some other things I wanted to get into when I was thinking about upgrading to the 40D. The big one I want to work on is infrared photography. I have been looking at Life Pixel to do a camera conversion for me. I had thought about getting an […]