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On a slow Friday night at home we clean and prepare the camera for the weekend. Everything is cleaned, formated and charged up. All I need now is some inspiration of what to shoot and I will be set.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.  I spent a good part of the day prepping my presentation for tomorrow nights class on Strobist Photography and the Basics of Off Camera Flash. The presentation is almost ready, and I have been gathering some of my gear.

I’ve noticed that my DSLR’s lens has lots of smudges on it that are starting to impact the quality of my images but I’m too scared to clean it because I’m worried about scratching it. Do you have any suggestions? – Chris Cleaning your camera’s lenses should be a regular (although not too regular) part […]

Yesterday’s post on how to choose a DSLR camera leads us to today’s continuation of the series. Here is a guide on how to buy a digital camera. Below is a reprint from dPS. I’m not going to talk you through all the different features on a digital camera or tell you which models are […]

With this being my first post, a brief into…. This will be my little home away from the normal world where I share some of my photography. Over the next couple of posts I will share some of my older work and some of my gear.I am starting to do some photo projects and will […]