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I came home tonight and found my cat to be living up to his nickname.  He was definitely playing cat tonight.  Staying away from us and playing in his tower.

So tonight I had a chance to stop by and visit my family.  Mom was cooking and trying to feed me like always, but tonight Slick came out to visit.  He is just as curious as always, and was really interested in my phone.

Today we break from our regularly scheduled program for this important message.  I alluded to the long day I had on Sunday and our trip to the vet yesterday.  All of that leads us to tonight.  Our cat, Romeo, has been diabetic for some time now and has been the cause of great concern this […]

I spent this morning taking one of our cats to the vet.  He truly hates the vet, his carrier, the ride in the car….  Here he is almost relaxed and he was actually purring… and then the vet came in.