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Daily Photo

When I was growing up, every time Grandma came to visit she brought Italian cookies.  Her birthday was last week an my mom went to visit.  When she came home, she brought these back.

Tonight we went to the local fireworks and there were some kids playing with neon bracelets and necklaces.

After a full day of rain I went out to check for damage.  None, always a good thing after we lost a large tree 2 years ago.  What I did find was this.

Growing up in Chicago I always thought of the 2 seasons we had; winter and construction.  Well, after many years in Dallas, I have realized we have 2 seasons here; construction and summer construction.

So yesterday I was asleep at the wheel, so no post.  Tonight we do it paparazzi style at the studio.

Just having a late night snack.

We had just finished dinner and saw this on the floor in the living room.

We have been watching a new show on Bravo called Double Exposure. I am not a big fan of reality TV, but this is pretty interesting. It stars Markus Klinko and Indrani, a famous fashion photography team.

I went to the store tonight to pick up something for dinner and saw something I hadn’t had in ages. Éclairs.

Tonight I taught my product photography class. Turnout was a bit low due to the weather, but everyone enjoyed the class.

Shooting Harley motorcycles at the Studio tonight.

I spent the night at the studio helping out on the monthly camera 101 class and doing some site maintenance.

We bought this set several years ago and finally put it on display last year. I have been looking at it and thinking I should take some pictures of it one of these days, so here you go. Don’t miss my gallery for pictures from yesterday’s photo-walk downtown and my first HDR photo.

I spent the afternoon walking around Dallas and the West End doing some HDR and some street shooting.

Today I had a chance to shoot something very rare and different.  A 1939 Ford Hot Rod.

For a change I was still hungry after dinner….

I came home tonight and found my cat to be living up to his nickname.  He was definitely playing cat tonight.  Staying away from us and playing in his tower.

So tonight I had a chance to stop by and visit my family.  Mom was cooking and trying to feed me like always, but tonight Slick came out to visit.  He is just as curious as always, and was really interested in my phone.

Coming home from dinner tonight at almost 10pm and it was still hot out.

I was down at the studio tonight and saw something I never expected to see. Bare feet….

M was at a stitching seminar for the last few days.  When she came home she had some new donations for her jar.

After a long time of using cheap affordable cards I finally ordered some quality ones on Monday.  They arrived yesterday, full color and double sided.

On a slow Friday night at home we clean and prepare the camera for the weekend. Everything is cleaned, formated and charged up. All I need now is some inspiration of what to shoot and I will be set.

Tonight was my Strobist class at the studio. I had a pretty good turnout with 14 people. Everyone enjoyed the presentatin and went away with a lot of new ideas and knowledge. On the way home though, it was tail lights as far as the eye could see.