The Cigar Life

Here we have my entry for Assignment: The Five Senses @ dPS and the description I posted. The assignment was to shoot a photo that represented at least one , if not more than one of the five senses.

Here we have all five senses. We have the sound of the cutter snipping the cigar, and of the match being struck. We have the taste of the smoke as we roll it in our mouth. We have the smell of the tobacco and cedar before we light the cigar, and of the match when it is lit, as well as the cigar as it burns. We have the feel of the cigar rolled between our fingers and the slight resistance the cap gives as we snip the end off. We have the sight of a finely rolled cigar and the tools of enjoyment, the smoke wafting into the air, the spent match, the ash tray with the remains of a satisfying smoke and finally of a dearly departed friend that we have enjoyed our time with.


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