Speedlight Photography and the Basics of Off Camera Flash

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot with off camera flash? This is a class for beginners. You will learn the basic idea behind Strobism, or off camera flash.

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There will be a discussion about the different types of equipment available at different price points. We will cover the DIY aspects as well. There will also be a variety of equipment on display.

Topics to be covered

  • What is a “Strobist”
  • Can I do this with my equipment
  • The basics of off camera flash
  • Demonstration of Strobist tech
  • Strobist light modifiers
  • DIY aspects of Strobism

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1 thought on “Speedlight Photography and the Basics of Off Camera Flash”

  1. "Lin" (Eleanor) Frappollo

    Great photography, beautiful website page. Too bad we don’t live in Texas. Best wishes, your 3rd cousin from Florida.

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