Photography 201: Nighttime Portrait & Headshot Speedlight and Flash Techniques

Eric Leuthardt Photography presents Photography 201: Nighttime Portrait & Headshot Speedlight and Flash Techniques.


Do you have a speedlight or two? Do you want to add more mood and options to your portraits? Have you ever needed to photograph a model at night? This class is for you. We will cover simple fill flash to balance the ambient as well as more advanced techniques and special effects. This is a hands on class designed to teach you the basics of night time portrait and headshot lighting using speedlights.

Topics covered will include:

  • Single light
  • Two light
  • Special effects

I will have equipment on hand and will demonstrate these ideas, so make sure to bring your cameras as a model will be present and you will have the opportunity to photograph the model using the basic lighting set ups to help reinforce the material being taught. If you have your own speedlights and transmitters, feel free to bring them.

This class will last approximately 2.5 hours.

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