New mother and baby

Ok, new toys I have and want aside. Now back to the pictures. Today’s shot comes from a trip several years ago. Shortly after I got my camera, we went to Chicago, my home town, for Thanksgiving week. It was my love’s first trip to the Windy City, and it was cold. She got to meet friends I grew up with and hadn’t seen in years along with my aunt, uncle and cousin, who is off on a new adventure of his own. It was a long and hard week for us since I was sicker than I thought, but all was well after some rest and recovery time and the care of a good doctor. So one thing that is a must when you visit Chicago is a trip to Brookfield Zoo. Obviously November can be a rough time to try this with the temperature being around 18 when we were there, but we made a day of it and took some good pictures. This is one of my favorites. We were in one of the rain forest buildings to see the Gorillas, and we had been told that there was a baby gorilla that we might get a glimpse of. Well, we got a great view of mother and baby as you can see here.

Brookfield Zoo

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