A new convert, and a new series

The other night I got a call from a relative that was interested in stepping up to a DSLR from her P&S. We had spent some time in December looking at some pictures that I took, and some that she took and she was impressed with what could be done with a DSLR. So, the outcome of our conversation left me gathering some information for her about what I use and why, and what to look for when shopping for her camera and accessories. As you all know, I am a Canon user and I use mostly Tamron lenses, but she had a camera in mind before we spoke, the Rebel XSi. She plans to buy the body only, and get a good lens or 2.

As she has been a P&S user for some time now, she also had questions about exposures and camera settings. I sent her what I could on lenses, filters, bags and flashes, and recommended a book, but this left me thinking, could I do more. Due to this, I will start sharing information on basic camera functionality and some other useful tips. These will be culled from the vast resources of fellow bloggers and online photography instruction sites.

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