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Archive for May, 2011

When I was growing up Memorial Day was always a big event. As a Cub Scout, I was always part of the color guard for the ceremony at the local cemetery. I remember my whole family going to breakfast before hand at Wendy’s. I remember the rain. And I remember the ceremony… The lone bugler, […]

This afternoon we had some heavy storms roll through, but as they were starting to clear we had the most interesting clouds.

Do you have a photography business or a photo blog? Do you want to draw more traffic to your site? Are you confused about social media and what it can do for you? Well join us for another Photography 101 course, focusing …

Products can be shot in many ways but if you want to have professional quality results there are some important aspects which must be followed to ensure results suitable for publication in top catalogs, brochures, and similar print media. Also, in the age of the web and on-line sales presenting products in the best possible way can be crucial in making a successful sale.

Do you have a speedlight or two?  Do you want to add more mood and options to your outdoor portraits?  Have you ever wanted to add some detail to a model and needed more than a reflector?  This class is for …