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A Published Travel, Architecture and Lifestyle Photographer

Welcome to the captivating world of Eric Leuthardt Photography!

Discover Beauty Through My Lens

Twenty years ago, I picked up a camera and embarked on a mesmerizing journey of capturing the essence of beauty and intrigue in the world around me. From the very beginning, I found solace in travel and architectural photography, allowing me to explore my unique style through the interplay of light and texture. As time went on, my passion evolved, leading me into the captivating realm of lifestyle photography, where I craft engaging portraits, compelling documentary shots, immersive photo walks, and spontaneous candids.

A Maestro of Light and Shadow

My studio is my sanctuary, where I delight in experimenting with lighting and innovative sets. The thrill of capturing the perfect shot drives me to embrace the challenges of location shoots, each one offering a fresh canvas for my artistic vision. I’ve developed a profound love for Strobism, skillfully employing speed lights to infuse my photographs with undeniable visual impact.

Beyond Ordinary – Embracing Infrared Photography

My unyielding passion for shooting outdoors naturally led me to explore the world of Infrared Photography. It’s a fascinating realm that I’ve wholeheartedly embraced, infusing it into my shoots on a regular basis. This infusion of infrared artistry allows me to create stunning, otherworldly visuals that evoke emotions and captivate imaginations.

A Published Artist Based in Dallas-Fort Worth

Hailing from the vibrant city of Dallas-Fort Worth, my photographic prowess has earned recognition in various esteemed publications. I take great pride in my work and continuously strive to expand my knowledge base, seeking out new techniques and perspectives to push the boundaries of creativity.

Let’s Create Together

I am not just a photographer; I am a storyteller. Every image I capture weaves a tale of its own, resonating with the viewer on a profound level. Whether you are looking to immortalize a cherished moment, capture the essence of your brand, or embark on an artistic collaboration, I am here to listen, understand, and transform your vision into timeless visuals.

Book Your Session Today

I welcome the opportunity to discuss bookings and eagerly anticipate your creative input. Let’s come together to create photographs that will stand the test of time and touch the hearts of many.

Join me on this extraordinary photographic expedition, where we will freeze moments and unleash emotions through the power of the lens. Contact me today, and let’s bring your visions to life!

What people are saying:

Eric provided good information. The time spent was well worth it, I have a better understanding of how off camera flash work[s] and how to get the type of photos that I am looking for. Thank you.


Great way to experiment with shooting different products using different setups. Concepts were well explained and the class was well organized.


I really enjoyed the class. Being able to actually see the gear discussed was helpful. I feel a lot more informed and motivated about what I need to do to get started…The DIY tips given during presentation were very helpful. Great job.


To sum it up….wonderful! The class really helped me to get a clearer picture of how to set up my shooting area and how to set my camera for the best images. Thanks Eric!


It was really great! …Eric was really clear and enthusiastic, and stayed late to let us take more photos. I really like the mix of half presentation and half shooting, especially after Eric’s great presentation. He is really practical and knowledgeable.


Great Class! Very hands on with very good information being presented. Eric really presents the information in a very user friendly way.